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Kansas City-based Applogie, LLC was founded in 2017 by a team of enterprise technology enthusiasts who recognized the need for a solution to what they’d observed as one of the principal difficulties plaguing organizations going cloud-based: forecasting and managing subscription costs, license use and renewals as cloud subscription needs increase. Traditional finance tools didn’t allow enough control or insight into these expenses, and disparate teams across organizations struggle to keep visibility into their growing need to operate in the cloud. Applogie provides a solution to this complex problem, driving value, transparency and collaboration while simplifying operational processes, leading to a completely efficient cloud experience.

Meet The Team

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Building a team isn’t easy – and for Brian, that’s part of what makes it so rewarding. From his blended family of six to the integration of two large companies, Brian’s greatest accomplishments and moments of greatest joy have stemmed from bringing people together and watching them build a whole that’s greater than the sum of their parts. He believes in the power of the cloud to bring teams together and in unwavering loyalty to Kansas City sports.

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Chief Product Officer


Becci understands how crucial it is to make every minute count – it’s why she’s passionate about helping businesses regain the time they waste managing cloud subscriptions. She is a busy mom of four, a proponent of taking risks, and a professional who has transitioned her skillset from classroom teaching to adult professional development to entrepreneurship. She loves funny movies, serious books, and spending time with friends.

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Scott has found that success lies in the last 5%. No matter how hard you work along the way, people remember how you finish. Without a strong delivery – putting as much effort into that last 5% as you did into the first 5% – all your effort could be wasted. It’s a principle that applies as well to business as it does to his beloved Kansas Jayhawks. Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and children, whom he says he doesn’t deserve, and working with passionate entrepreneurs on turning their ideas into reality.

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