U, Inc. saves over $15,000 in annual SaaS costs in two months with Applogie’s subscription management software.

The Company

U, Inc. is an online training portal that works with thousands of businesses, schools, churches, and nonprofits to educate employees and students on a variety of subjects. U, Inc. works with mostly small to mid-sized organizations across a variety of industries. It employs approximately 50 people, and subscribes to a plethora of far ranging SaaS platforms.

The Problem

The varying usage costs, modified pricing plans, and opacity related to real-time data made it extremely challenging for U, Inc. to manage its cloud subscriptions. They truly needed greater insight to these costly investments, but did not have the resources to dedicate the necessary time to monitor cloud costs.

As a cost-focused organization, U, Inc. was frustrated that one of its many SaaS subscriptions accounted for 20% of its technology budget. The President, Director of IT, Office Manager, and the IT budget were all negatively affected by their technology cost management system and knew these needed investigation. They had some basic data on their expenses through their accounting software, but no substantial details to explain why their costs were so high.

The Solution

U, Inc. and Applogie teamed up to identify what was causing such substantial technology subscription bills. In just two months, Applogie’s subscription management software, found that U, Inc. had been paying double for one subscription, paying outdated costs for another, while also being charged for 20 unused accounts.

The Results

When the smoke cleared, U, Inc. ended up saving over $15,000 in annual SaaS costs and cut in half the number of subscriptions they manage due to unused accounts. Moving forward, U, Inc. won’t need to worry about automatic subscription renewals because of Applogie’s renewal alert functionality and can monitor subscription usage whenever they want to ensure they get the most of every account.

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